Safety tips and road rules

  • Make sure your bike is mechanically sound for the day's riding to avoid the inconvenience of a breakdown along the route

  • Carry a repair kit and know how to change both front and rear tyre tubes

  • On these trails you are never far from a farmhouse, but it is advisable to carry a basic medical kit. There is mobile phone coverage over most areas, depending on your provider.

  • Be seen - visibility is important, so wear bright colours. A pulse headlight and tail light is recommended

  • Cyclists must obey traffic rules and road signs, same as other road users.

  • Bicycle helmets must be worn

  • Cyclists must ride on the left side of the road.

  • Ride no more than two abreast, however it is safer to ride in single file over crests and in blind corners on many of these country roads. On a gravel lane it may be safer to wait for any dust to settle after a vehicle has passed.

  • Be careful not to go too fast downhill on gravel roads. The bike can become difficult to control if you come across loose gravel or corrugations in the road. 


Each 'sector' (e.g. Crookwell to Gunning) has a set of GPS directions and an elevation profile on the same page.


The sector also has a downloadable, interactive map associated with it.


Simply go to the drop - down menu under 'Trail Information' to access each sector's information